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Bella Vita offers a full menu of spa services to help you relax, refresh, & renew.  Our mission is to provide the best quality treatments in a tranquil setting.  Our experienced team provides the highest standards with quality products from the most trusted names in the beauty industry.

Let our professionals help you unwind.  Sometimes, all you need is simplicity.

High Frequency Express Facial
This quick service for the busy person includes a double-facial cleanse, customized exfoliation,extractions & a full High-Frequency application that is targeted for either an Acneic, Anti-Aging Focus. You’ll then receive a final treatment serum & moisture protection of sunscreen.

LED Facial
An LED facial, uses clinically proven wavelengths of UV- free LED lights that boost collagen production or treat existing acne. Treatment includes facial cleansing, exfoliation, 20 minutes of LED light therapy paired with A LED light see-through Hydrojelly mask that keeps you hydrated while letting the light waves to pass through followed by moisturizer and SPF.

JetPeel Facial Treatments
Do you want visible results with no downtime?
Breakthrough Touch-Free, Needle-Free, Transdermal Infusion Technology is Here!
JetPeel is a non-invasive, multi-step skin infusion system that delivers immediately visible results without downtime or skin irritation.  Ideal treatment for all skin types.  Improves overall skin health and effectively remedies: fine lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tones, sun damage, loose skin, enlarged pores, signs of aging, and any skin condition or concern.

Jet-LUNCH BREAK Facial Treatment 
If your skin needs a quick pick me up or have a special event, the Express Jet Peel is perfect! Enjoy the benefit of Lympatic drainage, deep yet gentle exfoliation and 1 product infusion using our patented solutions to target your biggest area of concern.

Jet-FIRST CLASS Facial Treatment
This classic Anti-Aging treatment will significantly smooth fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and restore your skin’s natural vitality. Plant stem cells, Bio-Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, and other key ingredients work synergistically to stimulate cell rejuvenation, and collagen and elastin production, while locking in moisture. Your skin will immediately feel and look rejuvenated, with a healthy and radiant glow. Perfect treatment for a big event!

Jet-LUXURY Facial Treatment
This is the ultimate Anti-Aging treatment! Focusing on Face, Neck, Decollete & Hands, this 4 Step process includes:
1) Dermaplaning
2) Lymphatic drainage
3) Deep exfoliation
4) Custom Infusion of Vitamins & Peptides

This powerful cocktail renews the cellular turnover improving circulation, hydration, texture, skin tone, and boosting collagen leaving you red carpet ready for any upcoming event.
Dermaplaining/Enzyme Treatment
A physical exfoliation that removes the top layer of skin through a pleasant sloughing, combined with proteolytic enzymes to reveal healthy, smooth & polished skin.  This non-invasive treatment is ideal for sensitive, dry or mature skin.  Dramatically improving the skin’s texture, and unwanted “Peach fuzz”.
$100+ / w Glycolic $135

Marini Luminate Facial
Looking for youthful solutions?
The Marini Luminate Facial visibly improves the appearance of skin tone, texture and luminosity with a unique combination of lactic and mandelic acid, brightening technologies and antioxidants. Uncover vibrant skin by revealing a brighter, more even skin tone and youthful appearance.

Retinol Facial
Want smooth skin?
The Factor-A Plus Facial utilizes all-trans-retinol for enhanced resurfacing and skin-refining effects. Provides immediate visible skin re-texturization and refinement, greater smoothness and hydration, and will assist in resolving facial discoloration, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.

The C-Esta Facial
Want to regain your glow?
The C-Esta Facial uses both lipid soluble Vitamin C and DAE Complex to encourage collagen production, repair free radical damage, and enhance facial tone. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, supple, firm, lifted, and contoured. Suitable for all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin.

Proteolytic Enzyme Facial
Need to clear up your complexion?
The Proteolytic Enzyme Facial is a scientifically based method of effective exfoliation and skin resurfacing. The term Proteolytic refers to an enzymatic reaction that can digest dead or diseased skin cells without harming normal, living, healthy cells. You will see an immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity, with skin appearing smoother and more refined.

Youth Facial
Are embarrassing blemishes getting your teen down?
Erase embarrassing imperfections today! Gentle granules and enzymes encourage removal of cell build-up without irritation to the skin. Proven blemish-fighting ingredients purify and smooth texture, leaving the skin harmonized and balanced. A fantastic treatment for those aged 16 and under!
$80+ (15 & Under)

Do you struggle with uneven skin tone and texture?
A quick solution for many skin challenges, including acne scars, dull skin, hyperpigmentation,fine lines, and “crows feet.” Stimulates collagen production, helps to remove impurities, making way for new, smoother and vibrant skin.
$125+ | $65 w/ Facial

Facial Treatment Enhancements

Helps break down dead cells to reveal smoother and fresher looking skin…$15

Lip Treatment
Three-Step Lip Treatment to exfoliate, hydrate, and plump…$25

Eye Contour Treatment
Treats fine lines and puffiness while improving elasticity…$25

Collagen Mask
Hydrating, rejuvenating mask that relaxes facial muscles, promotes cellular metabolism, & softens and smooths the skin…$30

Hand Treatment
A relaxing hand massage with heated mitts to ensure maximum hydration…$25

Glycolic Treatment
Promotes cell renewal, reduces fine lines, surface imperfections and promotes healthy-looking skin…$40+

*Prices vary based on product, time & technician preforming service.


Not sure which treatment is ideal for you?  Click here to reserve a consultation or call (978) 682 – 5103

Every massage begins with a consultation to determine your needs and is followed with a home a care recommendation on how to best reduce stress and regain balance.

European Body Massage
Do you feel tired, sluggish, and exhausted?
A full-body Swedish technique that eases sore muscles, relieves tension, and induces a state of serenity.
• 30 min $67+
• 50 min $92+
• 80 min $117+

European Stone Massage
Do you want to feel calm, serene, and relaxed?
The art of massage combined with warm stones that are placed on the body at strategic points. The stones release heat for deep, therapeutic benefits. You’ll leave with a feeling of unbelievable serenity and tranquility!
• 60 min $112+

Deep Tissue Massage
Do you suffer from tense muscles?
Release tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on contracted areas.
• 30 min $72+
• 50 min $102+
• 80 min $142+

Prenatal Massage
Are you looking for comfort suited for pregnancy?
Every Mommy-to-be needs rest and relaxation! Give your baby the gift of serenity! Always consult physician prior to any spa treatment.
• 30 min $72+
• 50 min $102+

Sports Massage
Are you physically active and feeling its effects?
A massage technique designed specifically for athletes, or those who engage in a sport or fitness program. This technique readies the muscles for activity and assists in recovery afterward.
• 30 min $72+
• 50 min $102+

Aromatherapy Massage
Would you like to physically and mentally unwind?
Indulge in the many benefits of massage combined with the aromatic effects of essential oils. Aromatherapy has tremendous therapeutic effects on the mind as well as the body. Ignite your body’s healing powers!
• 50 min $97+

Need improved circulation?
A natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, which correspond with every element, gland and organ of the body. Promotes healing, relaxation, balance and a sense of well-being.
• 30 min $72+

Body Scrub
Want skin that is soft, luminous, and glowing all over?
Dead seal salts and essential oils are used to purify, exfoliate, and refresh skin, removing dull, dry layers leaving skin radiant, soft, and supple. Highly concentrated glycolic acid helps to clear pores and dissolve impurities. Polished granules add an element of physical exfoliation, sloughing away rough patches to reveal smooth, radiant skin. This body scrub also contains healing extracts to help calm, soothe and moisturize.

*Prices vary based on product, time & technician preforming service.


Not sure which treatment is ideal for you?  Click here to reserve a consultation or call (978) 682 – 5103

Step into bliss and have beautiful nails! Experience the best manicures and pedicures at Bella Vita. We use OPI premium, award-winning nail polishes. All OPI are DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free!

Experience either traditional manicures and pedicures, or OPI Gel. OPI is the latest innovation. It does not require dry time, has a mirror finish and lasts up to two weeks without chipping! This product is thin and strong enough to be applied similarly to nail polish, but it is cured in a way that gives it great flexibility and durability. It also has the incredible shine associated only with gel nails!

Dazzle Dry Manicure Manicure
Looking for something low maintenance & long lasting?
Perfect for the woman on the go, our Dazzle Dry Manicure dries in only 5 minutes, is non-toxic, and lasts for up to two weeks. Fortified with proVitamin B5 and Calcium, it strengthens your natural nail, wears like gel, and removes like polish.

Spa Manicure
Want younger-looking hands?
Blissful relaxation is within your grasp! Reveal attractive, youthful-looking hands with this aromatic, gentle exfoliation and precision cuticle and nail care. Your hands are then warmly wrapped with a nourishing mask treatment. Complete your experience with an exquisite hand and arm massage followed by your choice of polish.

Gel Polish Manicure
Tired of your nail polish chipping and your nails cracking?
You can now have strong, beautiful, all-one-length natural nails with gel polish to act as an invisible layer of protection for your nails, keeping them strong so that they can grow
without breaking. Your nails will look fresh and beautiful for weeks!

The Bella Vita Manicure
Have you been neglecting your hands during your beauty routine?
Relax and enjoy a refreshing manicure treatment to give your hands a professional, clean look.

Sport Manicure
For Men!
Yes, men need to have their hands looking nice, too! In today’s competitive world, your handshake and the appearance of your hands can make or break a negotiation. This treatment will leave your hands looking more youthful and well groomed. Includes nail shaping, cuticle cutting, exfoliating, and buffing.

Manicure Enhancements
• Shape, Buff and Polish…$16
• Gel Soak Off…$15
• Repair…$5+
• Nail Art…$5+
• French Tip…$5

Bella Vita’s Fabulous Pedicures

Spa Pedicure
Are your feet tired and stressed and in need of a little extra pampering?
Indulge in an utterly decadent treat for you feet–complete with a detoxifying foot soak, deep exfoliating and nourishing scrub, a clay nutrient-infused mask, rejuvenating massage, and decadent finishing crème.  File, buff, shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, and polish also included.  Leaves your feet cleansed, purified, and detoxified. 

The Bella Vita Pedicure
Are your feet in need of rejuvenation?
Indulge in a treat for your feet–complete with a relaxing foot soak, exfoliating and nourishing scrub, nutrient-infused mask, rejuvenating massage, and decadent finishing crème.  File, buff, shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, and polish also included.  Leaves your feet feeling silky smooth, soft, and hydrated.

The Express Pedicure – 30 minutes
Need your toes pampered, but in a hurry?
Perfect for a woman on the go.  Enjoy a quick clean-up for your feet.  Gentle exfoliation,  file, buff, shaping of nails, cuticle treatment, and polish.

Sport Pedicure
Are your feet uncomfortably rough and stressed?
This nail treatment is designed exclusively for gentlemen. The focus is on exfoliating rough, dry skin. Includes a relaxing foot bath, cuticle treatment, buff and shape, followed by a highly moisturizing yet exfoliating scrub, a stress relieving massage, and nutrient-packed finishing crème. Your nails will look clean, smooth, and well groomed.

Pedicure Enhancements
• Shape, Buff & Polish…$20
• Dazzle Dry Polish …$8
• Callus Removal…$10
• French Tip…$5
• Nail Art…$5+

*Prices vary based on product, time & technician preforming service.


Not sure which treatment is ideal for you?  Click here to reserve a consultation or call (978) 682 – 5103

Hair Removal
• Eye Brow 23+
• Lip 15+
• Chin 15+
• Sides of Face 35+
• Underarms 33+
• Half Arm 37+
• Full Arm 67+
• Bikini 36+
• French Bikini 70+
• Brazilian Bikini 85+
• Half Leg 46+
• Full Leg 92+
• Back/Chest – Priced upon consultation

Tint & Lift 
Tinting is a color service that uses semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness.
• Eyelash Tint…$36+
• Eyebrow Tint…$27+
• Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Combo…$63+

• Lash Lift…$80+
• Lash Lift & Tint Combo…$116+


*Prices vary based on product, time & technician preforming service.


Not sure which treatment is ideal for you?  Click here to reserve a consultation or call (978) 682 – 5103

Bella Vita’s team of professional makeup artists are ready to customize a special look just for you!

Special Events
Want to look your very best for a special occasion such as an anniversary, engagement, wedding, prom, or graduation?  Whatever the occasion, Bella Vita will help you look your very best! Reserve your appointment and we will do the rest! One of Bella Vita’s experts will customize a very special experience for you and your friends. We want to help make your special occasion a memorable one!

Look Beautiful
Want to update your look?  
Updating your make up ensures that your look stays fresh and sophisticated. Whether you are looking for a makeover, a seasonal update, or a make-up lesson, let a Bella Vita professional make-up artist help you create or maintain your beautiful image.

• Youth Makeup Application with Lesson $70+
• Makeup Application $75+
• Makeup Application with Lesson $95+
• Bridal Makeup – please see bridal section
• Weekend Lashes $40+
• Weekend Lashes  upgrade $15
• Eyes Only $40+

*Prices vary based on product, time & technician preforming service.


Not sure which treatment is ideal for you?  Click here to reserve a consultation or call (978) 682 – 5103

What Is Microblading? 
Microblading (also referred to as Microstroking, Eyebrow Embroidery, Feather Stroke Brows, 3D Brows, or micro pigmentation, etc) is the process of manually implanting color pigment beneath the surface of the skin by means of tiny, sterile, disposable needles to produce the appearance of hair strokes. The result is a natural, real life looking hair stroke. View our work

How Long Does Microblading Last?
Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo. The pigment will fade over time and we recommend to get an Annual Touch-Up to keep them looking their best. There is no guarantee in how long it lasts as each individual has very different skin and lifestyle.  Frequency of touch-ups depends on a number of factors including: skin type, pigment selection,  lifestyle (sun exposure), iron deficiency (your body absorbs iron-oxide as a supplement), chemical peels, etc.  Please note that final results can not be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. We will re-evaluate how your skin has received the pigment at your perfection session and make any changes necessary.

How Long Does Microblading Take?
The average microblading appointment is two hours. We insist on being thorough and taking the time to provide the most beautiful, natural looking brows possible.

How Long Is The Healing Process?
It is normal to experience minimal swelling and tenderness immediately following your procedure. This usually subsides within and hour or two. The first week following your treatment the pigment will appear much darker than how it will appear once it has healed.  Around week 2, the skin naturally exfoliates and sheds.  During weeks 4-8 when the skin completes healing, you will see the pigment become more visible.  A perfection session is necessary 30 days from initial visit in order to achieve that richness of color and density in the shape.

• Initial visit – $600 (perfection session included, must be booked within 30days of initial microblading)
• 3-6 month touch ups – $250
• 6-12 month touch ups – $350
• After 12 months – Full Price

*Please note that all Microblading Appointments require a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit for all bookings.

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