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Men’s Services

In today’s competitive world, men need to focus on their appearance and look their best. You can count on Bella Vita’s stylists to help you develop the image that is ideal for you. Gain your edge and look sharp!

220 Grit Facial 

A quick solution for many skin challenges, including acne scars, dull skin, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, and “crow’s feet.” Stimulates collagen production, helps to remove impurities, making way for new smoother vibrant skin.
Power Washed Facial
By massaging, exfoliating, and infusing vitamins into the skin, this new non-invasive treatment unclogs pores and removes dirt that can build up on the skin’s surface over time. Benefits include wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, and dark circle reduction.

The Bearded Man Facial

Our Beard Facial is designed to meet the needs and challenges of people with beards. A Beard can act as a barrier sometimes causing ingrown hairs and dry or itchy skin. This facial is not only customized for all skin types it utilizes the Redken Brew Beard Oil to moisturize beard hair and conditions dry skin under beards. It also uses the high frequency skin treatment to focus on your beard and its underlying skin conditions.  

Sport Manicure

This treatment will leave your hands looking more youthful and well groomed.  Includes nail shaping, cuticle cutting, exfoliating, and buffing.

Sport Pedicure

This pedicure will focus on exfoliating rough, dry skin. Includes a relaxing foot bath, cuticle treatment, buff and shape, followed by a highly moisturizing yet exfoliating scrub, a stress relieving massage, and nutrient-packed finishing crème. Your nails will look clean, smooth, and well groomed.

Detox Pedicure

This pedicure is a deep detoxification of pores, skin surface & odor control. Usage of clay and other naturally detoxifying ingredients that effectively aid in cleansing, purifying and sanitizing the skin. 

European Body Massage
A full-body Swedish technique that eases sore muscles, relieves tension, and induces a state of serenity.
30 min $62+
50 min $87+
80 min $112+

Deep Tissue Massage
Release tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on contracted areas.
30 min $67+
50 min $97+
80 min $137+

Stone Massage 
The art of massage combined with warm stones that are placed on the body at strategic points. The stones release heat for deep, therapeutic benefits. You’ll leave with a feeling of unbelievable serenity and tranquility!
60 min $102+

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