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Spa Facial


Marini Luminate Facial  
Looking for youthful solutions?
The Marini Luminate Facial visibly improves the appearance of skin tone, texture and luminosity with a unique combination of lactic and mandelic acid, brightening technologies and antioxidants. Uncover vibrant skin by revealing a brighter, more even skin tone and youthful appearance.

  • 100+


Retinol Facial
Want smooth skin?
The Factor-A Plus Facial utilizes all-trans-retinol for enhanced resurfacing and skin-refining effects. Provides immediate visible skin re-texturization and refinement, greater smoothness and hydration, and will assist in resolving facial discoloration, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.

  • 100+


The C-Esta Facial
Want to regain your glow?
The C-Esta Facial uses both lipid soluble Vitamin C and DAE Complex to encourage collagen production, repair free radical damage, and enhance facial tone. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, supple, firm, lifted, and contoured. Suitable for all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin.

  • 95+


Proteolytic Enzyme Facial
Need to clear up your complexion?
The Proteolytic Enzyme Facial is a scientifically based method of effective exfoliation and skin resurfacing. The term Proteolytic refers to an enzymatic reaction that can digest dead or diseased skin cells without harming normal, living, healthy cells. You will see an immediate improvement in skin texture and clarity, with skin appearing smoother and more refined.

  • 95+


Youth Facial 15 & Under
Are embarrassing blemishes getting your teen down?
Erase embarrassing imperfections today! Gentle granules and enzymes encourage removal of cell build-up without irritation to the skin. Proven blemish-fighting ingredients purify and smooth texture, leaving the skin harmonized and balanced. A fantastic treatment for those aged 16 and under!

  •  70+


Do you struggle with uneven skin tone and texture?
A quick solution for many skin challenges, including acne scars, dull skin, hyperpigmentation,fine lines, and “crows feet.” Stimulates collagen production, helps to remove impurities, making way for new, smoother and vibrant skin.

  • 110+
  • 55 w/ Facial

Chemical Peel (MD)*
Ready for radiant skin?
Improves wrinkles, fine lines, scarring, and hyperpigmentation, while removing dead, damaged cells, to reveal glowing and vibrant skin.

  • Priced upon consultation


Facial Treatment Enhancements

Helps break down dead cells to reveal smoother and fresher looking skin…15

Lip Treatment
Three-Step Lip Treatment to exfoliate, hydrate, and plump…25

Eye Contour Treatment
Treats fine lines and puffiness while improving elasticity…25

Collagen Mask
Hydrating, rejuvenating mask that relaxes facial muscles, promotes cellular metabolism, & softens and smooths the skin…30

Hand Treatment
A relaxing hand massage with heated mitts to ensure maximum hydration…25

Glycolic Treatment
Promotes cell renewal, reduces fine lines, surface imperfections and promotes healthy-looking skin…35+



*Prices vary based on product, time & technician preforming service.

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